Chore Services

Do you need help around your home? The Hardin County Council on Aging provides Chore Service to seniors 60 and over. Call us at 419-673-1102 and ask for Kathy Cook, LSW.  The service includes snow removal from walkways and/or steps, lawn mowing,trimming, and/or leaf raking, minor home repairs and/or maintanance that does not involve serious plumbing or electrical issues. You may sign up for snow removal early in the fall of each year and for lawn mowing in January or that year to get on the mowing list.  Call early on the date mentioned in a letter to established mowing clients or listen to WKTN in order to assure you do get on the list. We presently mow approximatley 25-30 lawns per week and always have a waiting list. We do accept contributions but no one will be refused due to their inability to contribute. SUGGESTED CONTRIBUTION COST: small lawns (up to a 1/2 acre): $20.00.  YARDS MUST BE FREE FROM ALL DEBRIS AND EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF ANIMAL WASTE. WE CAN ONLY MOW PROPERTIES THAT ARE 1/2 ACRE OR LESS DUE TO THE ENORMOUS DEMAND FOR MOWING AND THE LIMITED STAFF AVAILABLE. IF YOUR PROPERTY IS LARGER, WE WILL GLADLY REFER YOU TO SOMEONE WHO CAN HANDLE LARGER LAWN CARE NEEDS.    


To file a Complaint, please see the procedure under the Transportation listing.


Thank you!


Bette A. Bibler,

Executive Director of the Hardin County Council on Aging, Inc.                                                               

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