The Hardin County Council on Aging, Inc. was established as a not-for-profit corporation in Kenton, Ohio March 23, 1978 by a concerned group of citizens who decided there was a need for this type of service in Hardin County. Some of those important individuals who provided leadership and advocacy on behalf of all older persons in our county were Rev. Marion Hanover, James Getz, J. Barton Meyer, Delmar Hampton, Bernard SponslerK, May Wroten, George Getz, J. Arthur Cotner, and Donald F. Buerger. This group met in their homes and various other places as they diligently worked on forming a strategic plan for the operation and implementation of these services. The Senior Center was then built in 1981 to accomodate the services to be provided.

The Adult Day Care Center operated within the Council on Aging for many years until the Wilkinson McVitty Berlien Adult Day Center building was added in 1996. This is a wonderful and dependable service offered to those who need a loved one cared for a few hours or a full day while they attend to work, family, or other important matters.

The mission statement of the Hardin County Council on Aging, Inc. is " To improve the quality of life for those 60 and over in Hardin County". The Hardin County Council on Aging, Inc. is governed by a 13 member Board of Directors. The COA has an active Advisory Committee and a group of dedicated and qualified employees. The advocacy and continued efforts to provide these needed services for the elderly can be attributed to the HCCoA Board of Directors, HCCoA Advisory Council, Staff, and citizens of Hardin County and we appreciate all you do.

Over the years the Council on Aging has provided and continues to provide many services to those 60 and over in Hardin County. These services have been made possible by grants, the local tax levy, self-pay clients, and personal donations and fundraisers. As the Senior Center has grown over the years we are now able to offer Transportation, Outreach, Homemaker, Chore, Information and Referral, Socialization Activities, and Adult Day services. Click on the links to obtain individual information about each service and the cost to provide that service each year. We also have a trip service, which is fully paid by the people going on the trips.

After the Council on Aging was established and begin providing many services for seniors, including transportation, it was determined that the County had a great need for coordinated county wide transportation services for all ages. Since there was no other means of transportation in the county, the Hardin County Council on Aging, Inc. agreed to be the grantees and lead agency for the the Hardin County Transportation Coordination Project. This project is partially supported by ODOT, the Hardin County United Way, contracts with various entities, and self-pay individuals under 60. Additional transportation is provided to the elderly through business and private donations, fundraisers, and the local senior levy. The Coordinated Transportation Project's mission is: "To serve all the people of Hardin County and to meet their transportation needs." This project has proven to be a valuable service to the elderly, disabled, handicapped, minority, and low-income persons of Hardin County.

We thank you for your support of these services for Hardin County, a great place to call home!

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